BTL marketing tales

David Rich, Chief Marketing Officer of Litmus captures the true BTL spirit when he observes
that as marketers our true essence and drive is to engage with the consumer community so
deeply, that they begin to take on the task of evangelizing the brand themselves.

The American
author, Seth Godin takes this idea to a bold new level when he asserts that marketing is no
longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.

As BTL professionals, we drive your brand by, listening to the story a brand is trying to tell. We
then imbibe the core brand attributes and value proposition and thus become completely synched with the brand. The brand evolves from being a physical product to a lifestyle, our

When we bring this to life and tell the brand’s story through activations and on other
direct engagements, we do so with conviction and passion, making it possible to share the
unique values of the brand with the targeted consumer community. The consumer is thus
immersed in the brand in such a way that they can’t help but feel a part of the story, your story,
our story!

This is the power of story telling the BTL way!

TDA 2018 – Innovate create activate