Why experiential events make the most sense

As BTL professionals, we have always known the value of experiential marketing and
fortunately Marketing Directors are beginning to get the memo too.

According to Greg Oates,
Executive Editor of Skift Brand Strategy, “Marketing Directors are investing more in live events
because they deliver brand messaging effectively amid the growing cacophony of digital
marketing in our daily lives.”
Live events provide opportunities for brands to engage with consumers in a very personal and
tangible way that is almost impossible to achieve through other forms of marketing.

The event-marking trend is clearly an effective strategy that isn’t bucking anytime soon, and it
shouldn’t be surprising. Real-life experiences are more engaging and can shape our memories
much more profoundly than anything else. (Talking tree creatives, 2016). If still in doubt then
consider this study by Eventbrite that found that 72 percent of millennials would like to increase
their spending on experiences rather than physical things. The same study found that 69
percent believe that experiences at live events make them more connected to other people.
(Gonzalez, 2016).
Experiential marketing becomes an even more powerful medium when it is combined with
relevant technology. For instance, radio frequency identification (RFID) is helping live events
amplify brands in many creative ways. Activation’s can now deploy spaces such as social media
‘check in zones’, gamification and photo booth stations that encourage attendees to engage
with brands in a fun and creative way whiles greatly diversifying audiences. Why would we do it
any other way!

TDA 2018 – Innovate create activate.
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