The Topdog Foundation is a social movement that is a product of the   environment in which Topdog Africa operates. As a company that works directly in our communities, it was   natural for us to be attracted to addressing deep seated community issues.

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  After all our daily interactions expose us to both the challenges that confront the poor, vulnerable and underserved communities of our country and the opportunities that available for us to make a difference. 

The fulcrum of the foundations activities is education. This is encapsulated in our 2 programs. “Head Start”, which seeks to ensure that children are ready to succeed in school and “I Give Back” which is focused mentoring and giving back. 

The Angel Tree program provides new clothing or toys for children of needy families through the support of donors. In December 2017, 75 children from different Communities received presents for the first time in their lives. In line with the season, the Angels were also feted with food and drinks, made it all worthwhile.

 The “I Give Back 2018” program is evolving from the “Angel Tree” activity into a full fledge mentoring program. In addition to seasonal initiatives like the Angel Tree program and others just like it, we will collaborate with our partners to provide opportunities for engaging, mentoring and supporting children from underserved communities and families. The foundation will raise Fifty Thousand Cedis (GHs 50,000.00) to support the projects under “I Give Back 2018:

 In 2017, the Head Start initiative prepared 120 children from Nima and East Legon in the Greater Accra region and Asawase in the Ashanti region for the 2017/18 academic year. The children received a year’s supply of books, stationery and school bags.  The team also partnered United Way Ghana to provide digital literacy for 150 children in Nima.

School Readiness (Back 2 School 2018). This year the foundation is working to prepare a minimum of 200 children to succeed in school in the 2018/2019 academic year. This year will also see the inclusion of 3 more new communities to the 3 that benefited in 2017.  Another new dimension for this year’s campaign will be the provision of teaching aids and library books to participating schools. The fundraising target for this year’s activities is Twenty Thousand Cedis (GHs20,000.00)

Reading Competition As part of the diversification of the foundation’s activities, this year will see the inaugural oral reading competition. The objective of this program is to engender the culture of reading amongst our children. It is also designed to illustrate to children that reading is fun and cool. In the first year, the competition will be held in the La Nkwantana Municipal area.  Through this program, we hope to engage 1,000 children from 10 schools.

The Single Digit! Sell Off! Staff and management of Topdog Africa have committed to raising money by selling unwanted property (shoes, clothes, bags, toys etc.) donated by friends, family and partners. 90% of all items collected will be sold for one cedi (GHs1.00) and nothing will sell beyond nine Cedis (GHs9.00). You can help by donating your used clothes and unwanted stuff around the house to help fund the improvement of education.

Volunteer You can also volunteer to become a mentor. The are many ways we can use you: spend time to read to a child, support a child financially, provide guidance and counselling to children. Donate Send us mobile money, write a check or give cash when you encounter us. We sure can use it! Get Others Involved! The more folks we have championing our cause, the better. Tell your friends and family about how you are making a difference and ask them to join the movement. Together we can raise a generation of well-educated Ghanaians.