5 Reasons why your next event needs a photo booth

Branding – Photobooths bring a brand to life offering the opportunity to “wrap” your logo, name, features, etc. all over the booth. This helps engage the users before they even get a chance to play with it. 

The user experiences a second layer of branding through overlays and logos printed onto every photo taken.   

 Digital content – It is the wave of marketing, a platform that has neither boundaries nor ceilings. The photo booth simplifies that process. With one click an image is sent to a user, up loaded across multiple platforms and data collected. Suddenly, your company’s logo, name, and information are spread across the globe increasing TOMA.

Audience diversification – Let’s think about Abigail for a second. Abigail in Accra shared a photo from your event, but her brother who lives up north just shared Abigail’s photo with his own friends. That’s a thousand impressions doubled just from one click. Two thousand people viewing a photo with your brand name and logo on it, that’s quite an impression!

Fun approach – What better way to ensure Top of Mind Awareness for your Brand than a personal endorsement? Think of a post as a positive review, the person is comfortable enough with your brand to have their name coincide with it. A name is a lifetime brand that a person carries.

Integrated functionality – Our photo booths offer integrated functionality to create a unique experience. Based on preference, the booth runs itself as it interacts and allows the work flow to guide the user to create a unique photo experience. Only one or two people are needed ATMOST to encourage the coy to engage it. The photobooth allows you to create the event before you get on site, all we have to do is set it up and run it! This implicity gives ease and allows more time for audience interaction.

TDA 2018 – Innovate create activate