Physical engagement and building deeper relationships

It is a well-documented fact that relationships are important in all aspects of business. From banking, insurance through to the hospitality industry, relationship managers are being spawned in their thousands, (never mind the fact that they behave more like transaction managers) to do one thing.

Impact the bottom line through the deepening of relationships with customers and partners where applicable.

So how does this work with FMCG’s that have millions of people forming their customer base? Does it apply? Is it relevant? The answer to both question is a great big YES!  Sanjay Dhalakia, author of Marketing Land, eloquently expressed this when he said this: “So for companies to be competitive today, it’s no longer about lower cost, the best product, or the biggest brand. The basis now is: Who’s got the relationships? That’s where the physical engagement is really important and powerful.”  

This is why BTL marketing has become an indispensable feature in the marketing tool box and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that the BTL industry can continue business as usual because things are changing and fast. It is no longer about reaching people in their thousands but connecting with the people reached in a unique and meaningful way that leads to evangelism. Especially so, when we are increasing seeing the phenomena described by Scott Cook where brands are no longer what it tells consumer it is but rather what consumers tell each other it is. This is very profound and insightful and must serve as a practical compass for all BTL agencies that want to remain relevant. The future of our business is going to be increasingly contextualized and much more personalized, adapting to this strength will drive our ability to build deeper relationships with consumers on behalf of the brands we serve.

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